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[ja] Genji Monogatari – 源氏物語 – [fr] Le Dit de Genji [en] The Tale of Genji [es] La novela de Genji

Murasaki Shikibu - Kikuchi Yosai(菊池容斎) Murasaki Shikibu by Kikuchi Yosai (菊池容斎)

The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu – Unesco
[en] The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu. UNESCO Global Heritage Pavilion. Resumes and full texts in English. Woodcuts by Yamamoto Harumasa (1610-1682). Credits

Japanese Text Initiative – Genji Monogatari [Electronic resource]
[ja] Genji Monogatari Japanese Text Initiative. 3 versions : original, modernized, romaji. June 29, 1999. The Japanese Text Initiative is sponsored by the University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center and the University of Pittsburgh East Asian Library.

The Oxford Text Initiative – Genji monogatari [Electronic resource]
[ja] Genji monogatari / [Murasaki Shikibu] ; Kochu. Yaku Abe Akio, Akiyama Ken, Imai Gen’e. — Tokyo : Shogakkan, Showa 45-51, c1970 (1987 printing). — 6 v. : ill. ; 23 cm. — (Bungei bunko. Nihon koten bungaku ; 12-17).
The Oxford Text Initiative – The Tale of Genji [Electronic resource]
[en] The tale of Genji / Murasaki Shikibu ; translated with an introduction by Edward G. Seidensticker. — 1st Tuttle ed. — Tokyo : Charles E. Tuttle, 1978, c1976 (1987 printing). — 2 v. : ill. ; 25 cm.

[ja] 米国議会図書館所蔵承応版源氏物語データベース –  » E’iri Genji monogatari » Database [Electronic resource]
「承応版源氏物語」データベースは、米国議会図書館(Library of Congress)が所蔵する完本「承応版源氏物語」(本文54冊、注釈書6冊)の全ページの画像ファイルをデータベースとして構築したものである。 今回、米国議会図書館所蔵本を、日文研との連携業務により画像化しインターネットで公開が実現された
The « Tale of Genji » (Genji monogatari) database consists of the full image data from the « Tale of Genji » (Texts: 54 volumes, Commentaries: 6 volumes) which is in the possession of the Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

[fr] Pas de traduction française en version électronique identifiée à ce jour.

Peintures / Paintings
Genji-e [Text]
[en] genji-e 富会敞 Pictorial representations whose subject matter comes from Genji Monogatari 富会湿胳 (The Tale of Genji). Author: Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System, Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007.
Definition and details about genji-e, from Heian to Edo periods.

Lectures and studies : 源氏大学.com
[ja] « 源氏物語 瀬戸内寂聴 俵万智 平安 デジタル ライブラリー 源氏ミュージアム 源氏大学 京都 宇治 三田佳子 源氏占い 講義録 BookPark ブックパーク 文学 大和和紀 あさきゆめみし オンデマンド 馬場あき子 秋山虔 野口武彦 近藤富枝 尾崎左永子 篠田正浩 杉本苑子 中西進 高木和子 »
[en] Genji Daigaku is a comprehensive series of lectures by Japan’s leading experts on the romance, lifestyle, customs, philosophical and historical background of the Heian Period in Japan, focusing on the world of the Tale of Genji. [Edit 2009-08-21] This site is no longer available online. Please search through the pages previously saved by InternetArchive.

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